Sunday, May 31, 2009

my thoughts about the work life!

When we first started this course I was excited about the fact that it was going to be connected with work. I thought it was wonderful to help me set a better guide as to which field I really want to join. Through the course I began realizing all the unrecognized jobs out there and all the struggles so many people go through for production and for service. I learned alot that really did help me in my carreer choice and even in just everday life in general. I now try to consume less, tip more, treat workers anywhere with more respect, especially those who seem to work for such little money. With the economy the way it is, this class actually brought me to want to help out the economic working class. I want to find a way to help Wal-Mart workers, help women in third world countries, and prove to every ignorant person out there that a woman in the work field should have equal rights as men.

Through my interview and researches I learned to value more than just my status in a field. Whether I end up being my own boss, or working for a big boss, I will value more the job itself and my love for the job than the status it gives me. I want to learn more, so I can help more. I believe we all should find a organization where we can help with globalization and other important matters in the work field. If anyone has any ideas as to how to get a strike at Wal-Mart started let me know!!!

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  1. Great post - in the afterwards, Ehrenreich notes that many, many people wrote to her to say that after reading the book, they started tipping better!